Opinions (Free?)

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So, connectivity is power. Therefor in this apparently ‘liberal’ society we have freedom of speech. Our grievances about speech in this country are a far cry from the restrictions in others. Someplace else I might be jailed because of this meme that I just created that depicts trump as not that great.

You see, we have to realize that we are able to project our on views and criticisms at will and recognize that we hold an immense power as individuals and as a collective. An example of this is Eminem on his 2017 tour being able to sport a shirt that says ‘FUCK TRUMP’ on the front. In North Korea is someone walked around in a shirt that said ‘ Fuck Kim Jong Un’ I imagine the ramifications would not be pleasant.



Gatekeepers vs Gatewatchers

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Citizen journalism has changed the way in which audiences receive their news and the value placed on media content. As our ability to access online media platforms has grown, subsequently our ability to create user-generated content which is immediately and easily accessible to worldwide audiences, has also grown. This content flows freely and is no longer limited by the ‘gatekeeper’ who constructed the ‘social reality transmitted by the news media.’

One media platform which clearly illustrates the way citizen journalism is changing how we access and use news content is Wikipedia.

This platform lets users  add, edit and remove content freely which provides a forum in which issues can be covered that have been ignored by mainstream media. As an online platform, Wikipedia highlights the value of user-generated content in the emerging media ecology we are living in. One in which there are no gatekeepers and users are filling in gaps that the editors of traditional news media outlets cannot.

Generative art (assessment 2)

I carry within me an avid interest in nature as well as man-made objects such as buildings, thus I used that interest as the source of my inspiration for the work. I decided to create a different piece that was devoid of all examples that I had seen, because that is just how I am. The image is of a moon and trees with a night sky containing stars, there are also two buildings, this represents the contrast of nature vs man. The image attempts to be abstract. I chose to use very simple code for primitive shapes to create a simplistic work to create a minimalist scene. I did not do any research on created works beyond what I had seen displayed in lectures and tutorials, because I like to do my own thing and have my own ideas. So I will probably suffer deductions for that approach.

The Code:


int d = 70;
int p1 = d;
int p2 = p1+d;
int p3 = p2+d;
int p4 = p3+d;

size(640, 360);

translate(140, 0);

// Draw white points
point(p1, p1);
point(p1, p3);
point(p2, p4);
point(p3, p1);
point(p4, p2);
point(p4, p4);

ellipse(253, 543, 200, 456);
ellipse(200, 500, 150, 400);
ellipse(150, 450, 100, 350);

ellipse(252, 144, 72, 72);

triangle(18, 18, 18, 360, 81, 360);

quad(189, 18, 216, 18, 216, 360, 144, 360);

triangle(288, 18, 351, 360, 288, 360);

Walled Gardens and Apple


Metadata is a very scary thing. You have experienced it when you receive Facebook suggestions for pages based on what you were just looking up. A massive amount of data on us is being collected every time that we are on the internet, think of it as a digital clone of yourself, it may not be accurate but it is still there none the less and opinions on the person we are can be drawn from that information.

Walled Garden – BCM206 Remediation

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Apple is a good example of the walled garden. its software is very closed to the user and it tells us how to use our phone. And unless you turn off a majority of the settings MASSIVE amounts of data about you WILL be collected such as where you have been (location setting) your photos can be looked at (icloud) your browsing activity is monitored (VPN or private browsing.)

HERE is a meme to demonstrate how apple is a walled garden:

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.45.40 am.png


Just read the blog

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Rivers of information, overloading, a whole heap of copies, none of what you see is original, whatever your doing right now has all been done before, you are programmed to be you, YOU ARE A COPY, we are the internet, it has enveloped us and integrated our minds into its network… Amateur content, stolen ideas this is the foundation of the internet. The internet is one giant advertising machine FAKE agenda’s NEW WAVE propaganda. WE KEEL at the social media alter! praying to our Phones, seeking guidance from faces on a screen, our eyes glued to a black mirror. NEEDLESS GADGETS. SEX SELLS, corrupted minds, FALSE IMAGES, NOTHING is real, taught a lie, living a falsehood. WE ARE BEING CONTROLLED, we don’t have original thoughts, you ARE a media puppet doing what your celebrity gods say or repeat, funny how we are puppets of a puppet… WAKE UP!

This is the attention economy… HAVE A HAPPY ENSLAVEMENT!