WEB STORY – Eminem’s takedown of Donald Trump (By Mark Savage)

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This article by Mark Savage is trying to achieve an explanation of Eminem’s meaning behind his freestyle about Trump, as well as the importance of this freestyle to the hip hop and African American community.

Eminem has scarcely been talked about in the media recently. That is since his earlier days with controversial songs such as Mosh, Criminal and Kim. He had a re surge in popularity earlier this year with his anti-Trump freestyle that aired during the BET Hip Hop awards. Eminem brutally attacked Trump for his attitudes to race, Puerto Rico, gun control and captured soldiers. He then told his fellow Americans to “stand up” after supporting Collin Kaepernick by saying, ‘This one’s for Collin, ball up a fist!’ Eminem followed this up by sending a message to his own fans, “And any fan of mine who’s a supporter of his / I’m drawing in the sand a line: you’re either for or against / And if you can’t decide who you like more and you’re split / On who you should stand beside, I’ll do it for you with this / Fuck you!”

There have been mixed responses from his fans. Some took offense to his hard-line approach to trump supporters, with one fan saying, ‘Your music got me through some tough times, but I can’t stand by your views anymore.’ Many fans thought that he was saying, “Fuck you” to them directly for their beliefs and who they supported politically, this feeling is justified as this was done for maximum impact to emphasize where he stands on Donald Trump and racism etc. The hip-hop community however, gave Eminem praise for standing up for African Americans. Because of his level of fame, and his color, showing support toward Collin Kaepernick was very important, because he acknowledged the struggle that Collin was fighting, (police brutality and other injustices towards African Americans).

It is strange that Eminem is getting so much praise, is it deserved when many other African American artists have gone against trump with little praise? This is because of his stature in the hip-hop community, his counterparts are not nearly as big as he is. This has been seen in the light of Eminem’s color, as he himself has said in earlier songs, “I am the first since Elvis Presley, to do black music so selfishly and use it to get myself wealthy!” or in relation to his record sales, “Let’s do the math, if I was black I would have sold half.”

Reading through this story the reader finds that it is reasonably creative, as it includes embedded tweets made by other hip-hop artists such as J. Cole and Collin Kaepernick as examples of the praise Eminem was given:

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It uses excerpts from the video in which Eminem is freestyling, to display the most important lines. Subheadings used his lyrics as the title, where after they are discussed in more depth, for example:

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As a piece of digital journalism, it succeeds in breaking down the lyrics in an interesting format i.e. subheadings. It manages to maintain the readers interest with short paragraphs with new information about the freestyle in each which lend themselves to a fast-paced story. Overall it draws the reader in to take more interest in the lyrics individually.


WEB STORY: http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-41579570





https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpYVneZJn0o (Skip to 1:48)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cWK1-yboe0 (Skip to 3:19)

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What’s Hidden – Journalism 102

‘What’s Hidden?’ A question I think we should all be trying to find the answer to. As humans, we hide many things from others and even from ourselves, from the trivial to the dark and forbiddingly terrible. My project, perhaps thankfully, focuses on light  topics. My concept for ‘What’s Hidden’ is about hearing the opinions of different kinds of everyday people, such as buskers and store workers. I think that much of the time, an everyday man or woman’s opinion is generally not heard as something to be absorbed. Therefore, these opinions are hidden, and swallowed up by the sea of minds. I asked two different types of people the same set of questions:

  • Tell me who you are, what you do, and how old you are
  • Where do you live, and where are you from?
  • What is your opinion of Wollongong?
  • What problems do you perceive exist here?
  • What positive things do you perceive exist here?
  • If you could change one thing in Wollongong, what would that be?
  • What is your favourite thing about Wollongong?

My reasoning for embarking on this idea is because we never see enough of every day citizen’s opinions, let alone pictures or film due to the focus on celebrity’s. Another reason is because I can’t stand is the news, it is terribly biased as well as extremely negative. I also think that sometimes we forget about the simplicity of human life and the positivity that can come out of simply talking to another person can bring. We get too caught up in the depressive emotional propaganda that the TV punches into us daily and forget to appreciate what is happening right in front of us.

We don’t usually take the time to appreciate what other people like or consider good or bad. let’s be honest, most of the time we couldn’t care less. I think many people would like to be able to express their thoughts but sometimes feel that there is no point, so why bother. This film is like an old show called ‘Australian Story’ which detailed ordinary Australian’s and their story. The show unfortunately sold out and migrated to stories about celebrities and the like. In short, this project attempts to bring the simple things that we miss out on to the forefront.






Video Interview Techniques
The One-Man Interview Crew


The internet of things

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To me the very notion of ‘the internet of things’ creates a bit of fear about the future in the 1st world. Personally I will stray away from integrating WIFI into my everyday items such as a door or a bed. It seems very insecure, what if the power goes out? (you are screwed). On a deeper level though, it just seems like another way from your data to be collected, like the things you have in your fridge most of the time, therefor the system could identify you as an alcoholic based on how much you buy alcohol. The system cold learn your weekly schedule etc. but I question where that info would be going.

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Back in 2013, there was much talk of WordPress based websites were coming under attack. It was described by leading tech sites as them ‘largest onslaught on blogs and websites using the WordPress platform.

About 90,000 IP addresses were being used by hackers in a well-organized attempt to break into poorly-protected websites installed on virtually every web host you can name. Tell-tale signs include inability to log in, slowness in website response and even intermittent down time.

According to w3techs.com WordPress powers about 17% of the world’s websites. That means one in every 6 sites.

Cyber attacks are a big concern for everyone online. US-CERT is fully aware of this on-going campaign against WordPress sites and its intensity. In their report, they highlighted that Cloudfare had to block 60 million requests to customers’ sites, all within an hour.

These unsolicited requests were coming from a botnet – a network of compromised sites and online computers — supported by those 90k IP addresses. And the botnet was performing what is known as a brute-force attack, possibly with the intent to seek out more sites to add to the network.

Botnets are capable of disrupting Internet service by executing a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

Can you Hack it?

Is this 1984? as envisioned by Orwell? While there are striking similarities it is not quite the overt oppression depicted in the book. Data is being collected on each of us every single day, ever seen this?:

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Why do you think that this is here? It is info about us given voluntarily. Same as the other questions such as:

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Now that they know about you, subsequent advertisement WILL ensue.

It is not just oppression but surveillance that seeps into everyday life – that’s why citizens in the novel (and users today) self-censor.

Using WIFI has given Facebook so much info about us, today I found out that it knows the places and countries that I have been to (Even though location was off):

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And as soon as we try to stop these things from happening to us we are ‘breaking the law.’ Think about this: Go way back to the story of Adam & Eve. Hackers seek after ‘forbidden knowledge’ then are labeled criminals i.e. Snowden. Eve in the same way wanted the so called ‘forbidden knowledge’ she was demonized. The very essence of this has been instilled in us through the bible. Think about it, why would a person who wrote this book want masses to think like this? The powers that be don’t want us thinking for ourselves, this is a pressing reality through automation of our very lives.

Consider traffic lights, very simple robots, yet they control us while we walk and drive in our cars. Let that sink in. Now predictive advertising based on our collected info could very well begin to dictate where we buy products and where we go to eat or visit.

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