My project is called ‘Growth.’ It is an EP that considers the future in 10 – 20 years’ time. I hope to influence the cycle of negative energy that we are currently digesting. The world needs to learn to love and compromise rather than destroy. I have researched the history of performance in Ancient Greece and how music frequency can be engineered to create calm and peacefulness. It is my hope that through the combined effort of my performance, message and frequency that you are all inspired to live and impact positively however you can. I love you all beautiful souls!


Screenshots of feedback out of class:

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Pitch Comments

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I don’t have a link to this comment because it is awating moderation and won’t show up normally. Jessica’s Pitch was about the future of online media, through short videos she wants to educate us on the current state of online media, and the overall space of online media in terms of content creation and trends.

My comment set out to ask her how she could veiw her own place in the space of online media and asking how could she mould the future of the online world. As a filmaker/Youtuber I gave a few tips about making her informative videos engaging.

I think my comment was applicable and considerate towards her interests, suggesting another level of perspective into her work (through the lense of the self). Through inviting Jessica to consider how she may edit her videos, I am expressing a desire to see her do well and make quality content that does indeed have the potential to impact people going into the future.

Josh’s Pitch was about Novums. Josh is creating and curating an instagram page that is dedicated to exploring novums of the past, present and future. A Novum is a term used by science fiction scholar Darko Suvin and others to describe the scientifically plausible innovations used by science fiction narratives – Wiki

My comment invited Josh to think about more examples of Novums in movies, as well as giving him a tiny bit more information about Novums. Josh mentioned colonisation of other planets as a novum in his Pitch, which sparked my interest. My interest in colonisation of other planets as a novum led me to the realisation that this particuar novum is a real possibility and is considered as such by one of the smartest minds, namely Elon Musk.

Eric’s Pitch was all about the future in gaming. He wants to focus around video games and how it can create such an impact on the future.

The thoughts that I expressed in my comment, while applicable, may not have been exactly what he was interested in. However, I thought it may be worthwhile to bring light to an unconsidered relm in gaming. I think my comment was thoughtful, in the sense of getting someone to think about/discover new things about their interest.