CHICKEN CLASH! My weird card game

Chicken Clash

Chicken Clash is a semi-strategy card game that takes place in a fictional universe where up to four players enter a battle with no objective.


Aboard her starship Erixa awoke, feeling as if her heart was in her head. The AI coffee machine beeped into awareness. Consumed with the desire to feel like a bipedal life form again, Erixa requested a coffee. She took one sip, incensed, she yelled at the machine to, “Make a decent coffee.” As she was yelling this, unbeknown to anyone of importance, a tiny portal opened the fabric of space and time. Through this portal her words were carried to another universe, and of all unfortunate places the central chambers of the chicken council. It was unfortunate because what was to be the most famous peace treaty of the century was minutes away from being closed. Erixias’ words were softly heard simultaneously by each leader and was translated in the chicken language as the ugliest insult one flightless bird could say to another. Each leader thought that the other said it under their breath, an impromptu fight erupted, sending a plume of feathers into the air, thus began the bitter Avian war!


  • A round = one battle
  • A full game = the war
  • Choose how many battles make up the war

    Chicken cards:

  • Seven classes
  • Each class has different strength levels out of six
  • Max strength for chicken is four due to the attachment cards
  • 52 chicken cards

    Attachment cards and Gold coins:

  • There are 80 gold coins in total
  • Each time you win on a turn, a gold coin is received
  • Gold coins buy attachments
  • Points can be saved up to purchase attachment cards
  • Attachments must be combined with chicken cards to play them
  • Attachments attribute 1 to 2 extra levels of strength
  • Attachments cost between 1 to 2 gold coins
  • Cost is equivalent to strength level
  • You can equip a maximum of one attachment per chicken
  • These cards are separate to the main deck
  • 4 types of attatchment cards
  • 3 of each type

    Special ability cards:

  • Must be played with a chicken card
  • Only six of these
  • Bought with Gold coins
  • Cost between 3 to 6 gold coins
  • Trump any level of strength, so be careful how you use these
  • Cancel each other out if used by both players on a turn
  • Some of these cards are a nod to the back story
  • These cards are separate to the main deck
  • 5 types of special ability cards
  • 3 of each type




  • Decide how many rounds everyone is willing to play
  • Shuffle deck of cards
  • Each player should be dealt seven cards in total
  • Players should have seven cards always (attachments are an exception)
  • Keep these cards secret
  • The player to do the best impression of a chicken battle cry goes first
  • Play is started by placing one chicken card down
  • You can’t use a special attack on your first turn
  • A player wins a turn by having a greater strength level
  • Remember to replace your card
  • The winner of the turn takes the loosing card and places it next to them
  • Winning a turn earns you one gold coin
  • The round ends when there are no more cards to pick up
  • A player wins a round by having the most loosing cards next to them
  • Record the win
  • Reshuffle all cards
  • You keep all Gold coins you have earned
  • The war is won by having the most battle victories

    Types of cards:


  • Crazy chicken (STRENGTH: 3)
  • Chicken who thinks it can fly (STRENGTH: 2)
  • Genetically enhanced chicken (STRENGTH: 4)
  • Robust rooster (STRENGTH: 4)
  • Farmyard chook (STRENGTH: 1)
  • Monocle and top hat wearing chicken (STRENGTH: 1)
  • Bounty hunter chicken (STRENGTH: 4)

    Special ability;

  • Winging it (A devastating high speed attack) COST: 3 gold coins
  • The pen is mightier than the sword (death by the pen that was to sign the peace treaty) COST: 4 gold coins
  • Fowl Play (An attack from behind that shatters the skull of your enemy) COST: 3 gold coins
  • Random Portal (Opens beneath the feet and chicken falls into another dimension) COST: 5 gold coins
  • Hatching a plan (an angry baby chicken with a sonic chirp that turns an enemy into nuggets) COST: 6 gold coins


  •  Spurs (STRENGTH: 1, COST: 1)
  •  Sword made from chicken bones (STRENGTH 2, COST: 2)
  •  Hot Coffee (STRENGTH: 2, COST: 2)
  •  Regular office pen (STRENGTH: 1, COST: 1)


    The cards have a standard playing card size of 63.5 mm x 88.9 mm. The text will be 24 pt. so that it is readable on a tabletop to all players. The strength level and card class will be displayed on both ends of the card so that there is no need for rotation.

    The chicken cards will have funny and well-designed graphics of respective classes of chicken. The same quality graphics go for special ability cards and attachment cards.

    The gold coins will be high quality poker chip style pieces.

    The cards are a mix between Role cards, e.g. The Resistance and Community/Table cards e.g. Guillotine.

    Playtesting and iteration:

    I found that having a full-strength level for cards was an issue, because on some turns the attachment cards were rendered pointless, so I made max strength 4/6 to allow for strength levels to be added by an attachment.

    I Changed the chicken cards to funny names because, ‘attack chicken’ and ‘defence chicken’ were boring, and had implications about what the role was capable of. I changed the names of the special ability cards to from serious names such as ‘fury of feathers’ to ‘winging it,’ this was to make the experience humorous. I looked up chicken puns to get name ideas.

    I realised that special attack cards could not be played individually, therefore I made it so that special attacks had to be played with a chicken card. Initially, special attacks were too easy to come by if they were part of the normal deck, so I made them separate as purchase item and limited commodity, this meant that a player now had to strategize more.

    With my original set-up, I was finding that players were running out of cards and being restricted from play until the round was over. Originally all players had to run out of cards before the round was over, this was changed so that a player replaced a chicken after each turn, (keeping seven chicken cards always). This method ensured continuous play

throughout the round. I changed the rules to state that the round ends when there are no more cards to pick up.

Research: r5K4thJ&index=2


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