Independent Auto Ethnographic Experience

Personally, I find it difficult to identify myself as belonging to a specific culture, as I grew up being witness to, and influenced by many. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Asia, in places such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and China. So, when it came to relating to movies in an ethnographic sense, I found that I could not describe my interpretations from one specific standpoint, save maybe Hollywood films.

Interestingly, even though I could be considered well-travelled, I had little to no understanding of cultural context. I’ve grown up consuming typically western media, so I do feel that my thinking falls more along the lines of the western world. I have been grateful for being able to interact with foreign films, it has been as if I am watching great movies starring ‘regular people’ which is an interesting feeling. Of course, I am aware of their fame in their respective countries, but I haven’t been exposed to these actors in my life. I’ve become accustomed to placing the merit or quality of a movie based upon my familiarity with the actors. I feel that it is safe to say that my eyes have been open to a whole new world of expression, be it in the same medium.

It is helpful that I have grown up in multiple countries and as such, I do not see skin tone or race when I look at a person, I don’t perceive someone physically but rather I perceive them based on how they feel to me. Perhaps this is another reason I missed certain cultural contexts, because I focused on the emotions that were portrayed, and thus perceived the film in a more universal sense i.e. the human condition. I perceive the world through energy, through being, which is to say my true nature, I don’t often use my mind to perceive objects or people around me. It is difficult for me to be intellectual in my analysis of culture, hopefully, through this subject, I can learn to balance intellect with my perceptions, I think this will give a much more unique insight, at least personally.

Overall, I think I can say that I have had somewhat of a multicultural experience of this subject and exposure to a whole new style of filmmaking and presentation of ideas. Which suits the way I have grown up. I have concluded that because I have always known there are different ways of looking at the world, that I adjusted easily to the films.

2 thoughts on “Independent Auto Ethnographic Experience

  1. You have clearly identified your personal Identity, witnesses, experiences and influences in this blog post Ijumaa, You’re writing as theraputic, as in Elllis et al, suggests that it encourages your “personal responsibility and agency and raise consciousness and promote cultural change” and you’ve done this fantastically by relating back to your personal experiences living in a multitude of countries and being used to multiculturalism. However, there is still some development happening where you’re not used to experiencing actors you do not know in the recent films we’ve watched. I think that’s completely understandable, writing therapeutically as recounts can help you become familiar with the different media spaces.


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