MEDA101 – Moving Image Project

The End (Moving Image)

MEDA101, assessment 3, project statement.

This final piece revisits my sound project, to add a visual element to the story portrayed in ‘The End.’ I set about the video by taking quite a bit of footage and selecting the best clips. I have attempted to capture different angles, (close-up, establishing shot, extreme close-up), while keeping continuity. I took the advice of my tutor and attended to the advice that I was given by replacing clips that were deemed ‘weak.’

My video is synchronised to my audio track, for example, when the click-click sound occurs the angles on my face change in unison. In fact, the whole segment where I am the subject, each angle erratically changes angles in accordance with the words spoken.

For my research I wanted to learn about continuity, so I looked up some examples:

Back to the future clip

examples of continuity editing

MEDA101 – Project 2 ‘The End’ soundscape

This soundscape is based on another idea about ‘Where I’m From,’ that is not reflective of the ideas portrayed in my first project. I was inspired to create this soundscape by the works of a band called Ghost Machine and their particular attention to making the audience feel their emotion dripping through their vocals. People that are close to me have been through suicidal thoughts and depression, I have lived amongst it and had to see things like self harm. The piece aims to communicate the thoughts swimming around in the mind of a person with a disturbed nature. ‘The End’ aims to take the listener on a journey that creates tension and anxiety, as the track does not reach a definitive conclusion and you are left to wonder what happened.

Remoscope – MEDA101


Project statement:

This Remoscope is based on a poem by myself, written with inspiration from gorge Ella Lyon’s, ‘where I’m from.’ My poem is about where I’m from, but not in a literal sense i.e ‘I’m from Australia’ instead it focuses on the the things that made me who I am today. The video is left open to interpretation, am I really on the beach? or is it all in my head? The lighthouse shots in my film were inspired by the lighthouse shots in an Ozu film that was shown in class in order to explain film techniques.